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3-Ply Protective Mouth/Nose Mask - Blue - 1x50 pieces

3-Ply Protective Mouth/Nose Mask - Blue - 1x50 pieces

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3-Ply Protective Mouth/Nose Mask - 50 pieces

Very low resistance to breathing/ High filtration capacity/ 3-ply

50 disposable mouth masks. Put one on when you go to the supermarket or travel by public transport. In this way you can easily respond to the urgent advice of the government to wear a mouth/nose mask in all public spaces.

These blue mouth caps consist of 3 layers and have a filtering effect. The elastic ear straps and the integrated nose arch provide extra comfort and a good fit.

The material is lint-free & skin-friendly.

Use of Mouth/Nose Mask
1. Unfold the mask and place it with the white side against the face.
2. Put elastic around the ears and make sure it is comfortable. Lightly press the strip at the top against the nose to make it stand firm.
3. Adjust the rest of the mask to the shape of your face.
4. The longest usage time is 8 hours, throw away the mask after use.